Putting my 100% in cooking and gaming

I know people are going to judge me a lot since I was a hardcore gamer in the past, but I think playing video games such as League of Legends actually helped me improve in the kitchen. As crazy as it sounds, everyday during my work shift, I think as if I’m playing a game to cook foods in a timely manner and I always put my best effort in each shift. Here are some reasons why I think cooking and gaming are very similar to each other and why it helped me succeed in the kitchen. Also, I’m sorry in advance that some League of Legends terms may confuse you. I will try to explain as much as possible.

  1. Leadership- The kitchen has always been performing in a military fashion where one person is the head chef, another person is the sous chef and the rest are following the head chef’s orders. In League of Legends there is always one person in a team of 5 that is the shotcaller (leader of the match) or a coach. Their role is to make calls for the team’s next move from the information their teammates shared. Both scenarios are very similar. The team won’t function properly without a leader.
  2. Planning- One of the worse problems when cooking is cooking without a plan. Having no plan in the kitchen is like playing chess in the dark; you have no idea what to do and you’re bound to lose. Back in culinary school, my professor always reminded the class to have a work plan for lab because we have to make a certain amount of dishes in a restricted time frame. Same scenario when playing League of Legends. If the enemy team is pressuring from one side of the map, it is best to put even more pressure on an important objective so that you will draw attention onto them.
  3. Flexibility/ Versatility- When in the kitchen, cooking is a skill that is required (OBVIOUSLY!). However, if you can cook, prepare the ingredients and plate a stunning dish, your value in the kitchen is greater than most cooks because you’re very versatile in the kitchen. In League of Legends, you can’t climb in rank if you only play one role or champion (well you can but if you don’t get your role, you’re screwed).  If you play a game and your best roles are assassins, tanks and support, it is much better than having just an assassin as your only main role. Learning three skills is always better than one.

At the end of the day, I standby my opinion. It’s polarizing and stupid but I want to generate buzz for people to share their own opinions. And if you want to judge me and make fun of me, I can live with that. As an experienced cook and gamer, I standby my opinion.

So what do you guys think? Does playing video games and working the kitchen has any similarities? Or am I just a delusional 20 year old kid?

Courtesy of lolesports

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