A Christmas Story (My Redemption Meal)

I remember this. I remember this picture. It was the best turkey for a customer’s final meal. All my emotions came flooding. It came down like an avalanche. 

A Christmas story (part 2)

When I got upstairs, she’s nowhere to be found. Then I saw my front door unlocked. She was outside sitting in the front porch in the freezing cold weather without a coat. It started to snow too so I grabbed her coat and headed outside with mine.

A Christmas story (part 1)

It was a week before Christmas and all through the house, not a person was awake, except me, who was preparing the turkey for tomorrow’s highschool reunion party. The butter herb mix was done and so was marinating with the turkey. Time to sleep at last.

Creamy mushroom soup

A warm bowl of soup has to be a key to all this cold weather. This recipe is much better than your typical canned mushroom soup. 

How I learn to love my past

“If somehow, the good lord ever gives me a second chance at this moment. I would do it all over again”

A Christmas Story (Taking Inventory)

It is the night before the holiday work marathon and less than a week before Christmas. I just finished my shower and only 12 hours until my next shift. A good time to take inventory.

Types of people you’ll find in the kitchen

A kitchen is a special place where people work, learn and evolve their skills for a better tomorrow. However, like any other workplace, there will be some people that you’ll come across that can be either great for the kitchen, or bad. Let me get my list out for you guys:

Back to Basics: Jams

There are many different types of jams out there. Some are more common than others but they have the same technique. Today we’re focusing on strawberry jam because it’s the most popular and everyone knows it.

5-minute chocolate hummus

This is a recipe I recently fell in love with. If you wanted a healthier version of Nutella, or have a nut allergy and want to try something that is close to Nutella, this recipe is right for you.

Back to Basics: Oil

Oils, are the foundation flavor base and play a major part in various cooking methods. It can range from using it for stir-fry, filling a large pot to deep dry certain foods, or even a slight grizzle to give it a light, silky taste. Some types of oils are better than others in certain scenarios.

It will all make sense in the end

I was in my living room drinking my second (or was it third) cup of coffee, writing and creating recipes for my next blog, until I hear the doorbell ring. I opened the door and saw myself. Me 10 years ago. I looked much younger, a lot skinnier, slightly depressed from his past, and maybe…

Miso glazed chicken

Back when I was at culinary school, this recipe saved me a ton of time when it comes to meal prepping.

Fool-proof Miso glaze

Miso will always have a special place in my heart and in the kitchen. Its intense umami flavor works brilliantly with soups which turn into miso soup. The soup we all know and love. I always like to take it one step further and make it into a glaze. It’s perfect if you have an…