Creativity vs technique

There’s an old Japanese saying, “Master one big thing and you can master 1000 little things”. The same goes for cooking if you know the basics, the process, and the fundamentals, you can do a lot of little tasks. When it comes to technique, there’s a wide range of stuff that is essential for everyday…

Cheesy folded omelet

Unlike all recipes here which are generally easier to make, this is one of the more challenging ones to produce. It all takes practice

Critic counts (to an extent)

At the end of the day, it is not just the critic that counts but it is the one that is in the ring that his body has been marked, scared, and bleeding.

Coconut curry chicken

This is a one-pot wonder that is guaranteed to taste good. Like every other recipe I make here, I try to keep it as flexible as possible so that you can change this dish to your liking.

Taste is more important than presentation

Now before I get into this, I want everyone to have an open mind. If you want to be in denial and want to disagree with my reasons, this is not the read for you and you should piss off. 

The Duality of Love

This is a short story about love. This is a story that love can makes us the best version and the worse version of ourselves. The real question is “Are you going to accept it? Or are you willing to make the change?”

Creamy mushroom soup

A warm bowl of soup has to be a key to all this cold weather. This recipe is much better than your typical canned mushroom soup.