A Little About Me

What’s up guys it’s me Alex. I’m 22 years old and I started cooking since I was 9 and have been cooking professionally for 5 years. I live with my family and my parents own their own bakery and an aunt that is a home-cook (I got the best of both worlds). What you will be seeing in my blog are simple, nutritious recipes and cooking tips for beginner cooks from teenagers, young adults, and small families. You will sometimes see some of my personal posts that I want to share. I also want to tell you guys stories from my past experiences.

Cooking is something that I’ve always been passionate about since my family is very experienced in the industry and the kitchen (except my sister). I started off my culinary journey at George Brown College in the 2 year Culinary Management (nutrition) program. During my time at George Brown, I met with some amazing professors that helped me kick-start my culinary journey. I first started out as a line cook at the Toronto Christmas Market. I then worked as a production cook/supervisor at Goodness Me!. I worked alongside Dr. David Ludwig on recipe development for his new cook “Always Hungry” and a cooking demonstrator at the Real Canadian Superstore for a diabetes lecture. Recently, I graduated from Centennial College for Food Media. Today, I’m an eatery supervisor at Goodness Me!.

Whenever I’m not cooking, I look up recipes online or in cookbooks to see the latest food trend whenever. I also try my best to spend some time with my family and friends and play online games such as League of Legends (I know I’m a geek and gamer. Please don’t judge)