Coconut curry chicken

This is a one-pot wonder that is guaranteed to taste good. Like every other recipe I make here, I try to keep it as flexible as possible so that you can change this dish to your liking.

Taste is more important than presentation

Now before I get into this, I want everyone to have an open mind. If you want to be in denial and want to disagree with my reasons, this is not the read for you and you should piss off. 

The Duality of Love

This is a short story about love. This is a story that love can makes us the best version and the worse version of ourselves. The real question is “Are you going to accept it? Or are you willing to make the change?”

Creamy mushroom soup

A warm bowl of soup has to be a key to all this cold weather. This recipe is much better than your typical canned mushroom soup. 

How I learn to love my past

“If somehow, the good lord ever gives me a second chance at this moment. I would do it all over again”

A Christmas Story (Taking Inventory)

It is the night before the holiday work marathon and less than a week before Christmas. I just finished my shower and only 12 hours until my next shift. A good time to take inventory.

Types of people you’ll find in the kitchen

A kitchen is a special place where people work, learn and evolve their skills for a better tomorrow. However, like any other workplace, there will be some people that you’ll come across that can be either great for the kitchen, or bad. Let me get my list out for you guys:

Back to Basics: Jams

There are many different types of jams out there. Some are more common than others but they have the same technique. Today we’re focusing on strawberry jam because it’s the most popular and everyone knows it.

5-minute chocolate hummus

This is a recipe I recently fell in love with. If you wanted a healthier version of Nutella, or have a nut allergy and want to try something that is close to Nutella, this recipe is right for you.