Back to basics (Chef’s knife)

Let’s be honest. Talking about knives isn’t really that exciting, but their so important in your kitchen Knives are the one of the main building blocks of success in the kitchen. They are your best friend in the kitchen. However, not all knives are the same. Every knife has a different size, handle, and material for the blade. Today, we’re going to talk how to purchase a chef’s knife so that you can be more confident when cutting.

Chef’s knife: You don’t have to spend a fortune on a 20 pieces knife set. All you need is a simple chef’s knife with a good hand grip that suits your hand. My favorite chef’s knife to use is the Zwilling J.A Henckels 8in chef’s knife. It has a firm handle with a good hand grip that when I tried holding it, I feel more confident of my chopping. The secret of a good knife is a firm handle and a good grip. You will have more confidence while cutting and overall success if you get a comfortable handle.

Sharping steel:  Worse problem in the kitchen is cutting with a dull knife. It can cause load of injuries because it requires much more pressure to cut compared to a sharp knife. With a sharpening steel, you can easily sharpen your knives. It is so dangerous working with a dull knife. With a sharp knife, you have more control, confidence and endurance while cutting. Below is a link of Gordon Ramsay’s lesson on knife sharpening

Courtesy of Gordon Ramsay

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