Critic counts (to an extent)

At the end of the day, it is not just the critic that counts but it is the one that is in the ring that his body has been marked, scared, and bleeding.

Taste is more important than presentation

Now before I get into this, I want everyone to have an open mind. If you want to be in denial and want to disagree with my reasons, this is not the read for you and you should piss off. 

How I learn to love my past

“If somehow, the good lord ever gives me a second chance at this moment. I would do it all over again”

A Christmas Story (Taking Inventory)

It is the night before the holiday work marathon and less than a week before Christmas. I just finished my shower and only 12 hours until my next shift. A good time to take inventory.

Types of people you’ll find in the kitchen

A kitchen is a special place where people work, learn and evolve their skills for a better tomorrow. However, like any other workplace, there will be some people that you’ll come across that can be either great for the kitchen, or bad. Let me get my list out for you guys:

It will all make sense in the end

I was in my living room drinking my second (or was it third) cup of coffee, writing and creating recipes for my next blog, until I hear the doorbell ring. I opened the door and saw myself. Me 10 years ago. I looked much younger, a lot skinnier, slightly depressed from his past, and maybe…

A Christmas Story (My Redemption Meal)

I remember this. I remember this picture. It was the best turkey for a customer’s final meal. All my emotions came flooding. It came down like an avalanche. 

The rise of anxiety and depression from a perfect storm

Mental health. What comes to your mind when you hear those two words. Is it the mixed feeling of an unpredictable event that may or may not happen, like the notorious anxiety feeling? Or maybe it’s the downward spiral of depression that is slowly killing us every day?