It’s been a while

It’s been a while. Roads are empty. Places where we used to go, are quiet. And everyone feels a bit lonely. But we started to see a new beginning that we have been promised. A new normal where we are free to do what we please. A new chapter for us to start. 

We have all been through hell for the past year and a half. Changed professions, moved out to support our loved ones, or found ways to satisfy our needs. We may have also gained a few friends, but lost some along the way, reunited with old companions, and maybe cheated death (because we’re in a global pandemic). But at the end of the day, we changed. And we changed for the better. But this change may not be pretty for some others. You go away. You learn, get scared, and beaten down in the process. But that’s what life is.

But there is one place that we all have in common that we always want to go to. Someplace fun. Someplace where we relax and share our stories with. Home.

But what is home?

Home is where you feel most comfortable, safe, and healthy. It can be your own house with your family, a friend’s house, an arcade, or a person who you miss and love so dearly. 

For me, it’s not just my family, but all the people I miss seeing in person before the pandemic hit. The places I go to escape the kitchen. The hobbies I did before covid happened. I busted my ass off for the past year, pushed myself 400% harder, and temporarily discontinued my website where I share recipes, stories and teach the new generation the basics of cooking. I miss the old life. Now, since everything is starting to open up, it is time to rejoice in the places, people, and hobbies that made me what I am. I can’t wait to share with you what I learned over the past year. There is so much stuff and I’m absolutely pumped. Hope to see you guys soon.

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