The Sad Truth of our Society

One thing I learned about in 2020 is something I learned a while ago as well, but this year it really resonated with me and it became what I think is the sad truth of our society. I’ll try to keep this on an even playing field for all of us to understand.

You can call me out if I’m wrong but I’m seeing this multiple times on a daily basis now. From co-workers, friends and maybe in families. It’s no matter if they’re wrong, they want to think that they’re right; even though they are strictly not. What I mean is that if you show them that they’re wrong or if you’re even criticizing, they will always have that mentally of “I will never change my mind because I’m always right and what I know is right ”. And I too fell into that mindset, in ways that my ego was so wrapped around, that I forgot the big picture.

On a personal note, my family was part of that problem. But they slowly changed to have an open perspective (they sometimes have those moments but I can’t complain). There’s still one person that still hasn’t given in and boy do they have a tremendous ego. That is my aunt. She has had this mentality ever since I was born and not that long ago, where i would tell her about the situation she’s in. I explain how her ego was so wrapped around her head, and that it’s slowly destroying her life. I can see it with my own eyes, and unfortunately, she denies my opinion and she starts to blame me and my sister for how we single handedly destroyed my family’s relationship. I don’t mind her denying these claims, but accusing someone else; especially her niece and nephew??? That is where I draw the line.

When it comes to our society, 2020 really shows who each and everyone of us really are. It shows us how we can act according to the situation (like the covid-19 pandemic) and it shows us people that are willingly denying facts from professionals and act based on emotions. It seems like a hard pill to swallow and it is. People react and act based on emotions rather than facts (emotions will always be stronger than statistics). Like we see in the media, they are people that are giving their lives up, voluntary just to keep chaos at bay. And there’s also people that create chaos in our local community and refuse to cooperate with the majority of our society because their emotions and ego are so damn high. It only takes 2 minutes for them to think “You know. Maybe this act might not be the right thing to do for our community, I should take a step back and review the situation that is going on right now”. 

To those people that want to support our global community or that is currently doing it right now, remember this. Try not to condemn the bad acts from others (big or small). Learn how to build bridges to help support and connect with one another. Do not build walls to protect your dignity. Continue to learn and apply these rules that are changing our daily lives. So that not only we can protect ourselves, but our society.

And to those people on the opposing side. If you still don’t learn from this story, or even through these past couple years, learn this. Those who seek to rule by chaos and absolute rebellion, will be toppled. Those to choose to divide this world, will be met with those who mend it. Learn these rules, not sidestep them so that you can bring the change you wanted. This world will rise up against oppression, turmoil regardless of political affiliation. The power of this world is not the money, nor ego. It’s power is its people. People that are willing to help rebuild our society and give their lives up, voluntarily just to keep chaos at bay. It is them that understand what happens to those who are not part of the solution, but instead, are part of the problem.

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