A Christmas story (part 1)

It was a week before Christmas and all through the house, not a person was awake, except me, who was preparing the turkey for tomorrow’s highschool reunion party. The butter herb mix was done and so was marinating with the turkey. Time to sleep at last.

I slept in… again. I slept through 3 alarms and I still needed to cook the turkey. In it goes and time for a quick shower because I smell like turkey blood from the previous night. After cleaning myself up, it’s time to work on the side dishes. Buttery mash potatoes, roasted root vegetables, bread stuffing, and my signature french onion soup. Of course, I have to baste my turkey every hour. Who do you think I am? My sister? Finally, the turkey is done cooking and it’s time to let it rest. With all the leftover turkey juices, I can make the most amazing turkey gravy. This meal should feed a good 10 people no problem, and 30 minutes before my friends arrive, all my food is ready and time to clean up the dining room and basement.

While I was cleaning I found an old group picture of my friends back in highschool, and a picture of my and Angela. I  had a massive crush on her for a long time and I hope university is treating well for her. 

The door just rang! Just in time. Everyone showed up on time. Surprisingly. Everyone was settling in nicely and I was surprised that Angela showed up with her little brother. Holy shit it’s been 2 years since we last saw each other. She hasn’t changed one bit.

“Alex, you need help bringing the food onto the table?” asked Jon. I completely dozed off. I cleared my head and said “Please”. “I’ll help too. It’s the least I can do,” said Angela. All 3 of us set up the table. And oh boy does it look stunning. A table with some of my Christmas sides with a giant turkey in the middle, surrounded by chairs, plates and wine glasses (and beer bottles). It is literally a dream come true. Everyone was blown away by how stunning it was and how much food there was. We sat down, said our prayers and savored this meal.

“So, where’s the dessert?” asked Shawn. “I have some pie in the fridge”. I looked around. Wait. Did my sister take my pie to her boyfriend’s place? I texted her and I was right. That little shithead. I told her many times that the pie was for my party. “Don’t worry. I brought homemade fudge cake,” said Angela. Saved by the bell. “I guess that will do. I’ll get the ice cream,” I said to her. Thank God Angela got my back.

That was one of the best meals I ever had (because I made it of course). Well, time for the not-so-exciting part. Doing dishes. But before I got up Shawn and Jon said to me “You done enough for us today Alex. Us 2, Chole, and Roger will do the cleaning.” “You sure?” I asked. “Yea it’s fine, we’ll come down to the basement for some board games right after this”. When I got down the basement, I saw a whole stash of alcohol. Beer, soju, vodka, and rum. “Of course they bring that much booze for the party,” I thought.

Not that long later, everyone was in the basement and playing board games. As always, Shawn distributes the drinks to everyone. I don’t want to drink because since I’m the host, I should take care of everyone. Angela said that she’s the designated driver so none for her. About 30 minutes in almost everyone was tipsy and the basement had the scent of alcohol. “Hey let’s play Buzzed!” said Angela’s brother, slurring his words. When they set up the game, I saw that Angela was not looking that good. She headed upstairs. Shortly after that, I went up to check on her. “You guys play one without me,” I said to Angela’s brother. “I’m just getting something”

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