A 3 legged stool: Spiritual

“You have very little ties to your former life”

This is 100% true. As we grow old, we get jobs, family, kids, and we tend to focus on more than people think you do. We can try to keep in touch with them as much as we can, but eventually we move on. 

I remember when I came back home from culinary school for the summer, people were amazed but unsettled with all the drastic changes that happened to me. They slowly drifted away because of how different I am. Of course this became a problem, so I chatted with them, telling them that I’m still going to the same person when they first met me, but I need to take a few steps forward so that I can become successful, and as always, that I’ll be by your side 100%. 

Another perspective to see is that even if people do drift away from you, they serve as purpose and background to us. When I broke up with my girlfriend a while back, I had a very rough time getting my life back together. I was completely devastated. Both physically and emotionally. One night during a summer camp, a friend of mine saw how devastated I was, so we went out for a late-night walk. I remember that night so clearly because it was the first time I felt all that pain that was piling up and had crushed me. When he helped me up, I remembered the words that he said. He said to not dwell onto the past but look to the future because there are two ways, you move it or it leaves you behind, also to not hold back because you failed, and that you only fail if you don’t learn from your mistakes. That moved me to grow and mature to the person that I am today.I know that he has my back. Two years later, we had that same walk, on the same night.  I thanked him for helping me to get back on my feet. His name is Domonic. A few months ago he got engaged and I’m so proud of him, and even though we grew apart and we may not talk much anymore I thanked him for making such a big impact in my life. Without him, I don’t know where I stand in life.

Lastly, I try to go back to my roots. Music has been a staple and a temporary escape for me. It helps me let loose, meditate or pump me up. Whatever it may be, music will always have a very special place in my heart, whether it’s listening, creating, or learning, I can always find peace through this one hobby. Maybe I should get back into making music during this pandemic.

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