Back to Basics: Oil

Oils, are the foundation flavor base and play a major part in various cooking methods. It can range from using it for stir-fry, filling a large pot to deep dry certain foods, or even a slight grizzle to give it a light, silky taste. Some types of oils are better than others in certain scenarios.

Back to basics: Healthy meal planning

What comes to your mind when the words “healthy meal planning” come up. Is it the countless hours you have to make a healthy dish and then disappear after 30 seconds? Or is it the expensive cost of high-quality food that makes it taste so good? To be truly honest, you don’t need to spend a fortune on ingredients.

Back to Basics: Spice Blends

Like from my last back-to-basics about spices, they can be very powerful to elevate any dish. Sometimes, some spices work better than others and together they form a blend that can be very useful in your kitchen arsenal.

Back to Basics: Spices

Spices come from the root, bark, or seeds of a plant. Unlike herbs, herbs are the leaves of the plant. I always try to limit my usage of salt and add more spices because it elevates the dish and makes it more exciting.

Back to basics: Herbs

Herbs are the leafy parts on the plant that don’t have a woody stem. Herbs are one, if not the best way to season your food without using much salt. Whether it’s fresh herbs or dried, adding herbs is an easy way to increase aroma and flavor to any dish.

Back to basics: Pantry Essentials

Many people have asked me what they need in their pantry at all times. This month I will show you guys some of my essentials that will help you build dishes with ease and amp them for maximum taste. Salt: this has to be one of the most important seasoning out there. So crucial for…

Back to basics: Salads (that don’t suck)

I know. I know. Most of you guys might not like salads because it’s boring, bland and doesn’t contain any meat, but hear me out. I can help you by changing your perspective on salads, because I once was in those shoes. I used to hate salads, but now I like it. It’s all about…

Back to basics: Turkey

Ahhh. Christmas! The time where everyone gathers around the table for a Christmas feast. Chances are the star dish is going to be a turkey. Sadly, not a lot of people know how to cook a turkey that well. It’s either too dry or still raw on the inside. This week I’m going to teach…

Back to basics: Food planning for Parties

Ah, Thanksgiving. The time when we all gather around the dining table with a group of friends or family for some food, fun and time to catch up. Then you realize that you have a million and one things to cook for the party. Whether if it’s for Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other big event,…