A 3 legged stool: Prologue

“Your life is a 3 legged stool. Your professional life. Your social life. And your spiritual life. If one thing is not there, you don’t sit right”

I have to admit, I had a shitty childhood. When I was in elementary school, my best friend died from influenza and I wasn’t the brightest student in class. Sure, I had a girlfriend in high school and I got baptized, but we broke up 2 years later and I started to lose my friends because I got so worked up with school. I also lost a lot of family members too. I lost my aunt when I was in grade 6, my grandma in grade 7, my grandmother in grade 9 and my grandfather in grade 12. 

When I saw my dad burying his own dad, I was shocked. I never seen my dad this upset before. And then it hit me. I have to do well in my profession so I can make my family proud. Because this passion and drive inside of me is all I have left.

During that time I had two options. I can either let my emotions take over my life and not give a shit of what I’m doing. Or will I start to take control of my life and carve a path that I know I will succeed 

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