My taste in the culinary world: Sour

Before I start this, I just want to say that I love my job to bits and pieces and I wouldn’t want to trade it with anything. But that sweet, sweet job turn sour sometimes; making it hard and uncomfortable to work.

For people who work in the food industry, you will always encounter someone that acts like a fucking dick. Those types of people really grinds our gears. Whether if it’s a customer or co-worker, it’s the same damn peas in the same pod.

Customers say some mean shit like “LET ME TALK TO YOUR MANAGER!” or “I’M REPORTING THIS TO HEAD OFFICE FOR LETTING ME WAIT IN LINE FOR 10 MINUTES!” or they just don’t follow simple instructions and then randomly blames the workers. Many people always say “THE CUSTOMER IS KING”. I don’t know. I don’t remember a king that has an IQ of a newborn baby. Let me share one of my experiences.

It was near closing at my workplace and a customer wants a muffin at a discounted price. I have to say no because it is still good to sell at full price. She flipped, called my manager. My manager agreed with me and we told the customer the truth. She still won’t buy it and threatens to call head office. We eventually gave up and give it to her. Time after time, she abuses my workplace, MY SECOND FAMILY, for discounted prices and taking advantage of us. Head office sees her aggressive attitude and they finally took action. Today she is on the wanted list in my store for aggressive and abusive attitude. One more mistake like that, and she is permanently banned from our store and reported to the police.

And to all the workers, no one likes to work in a place where someone rules with an iron fist. There’s a big difference between a boss and manager. Bosses gives out orders to other people. They’re like coaches in a football game. Managers are more like quarter-backs. They do give calls to people, but they’re working with the team; overseas other players in the field and gives out feedback to improve from what they see. And for everyone else, don’t be a dick. That’s all I ask for.

Over the past several years working, it brought out the best and worst of me. I became nicer, but meaner as well. “The customer is king?” And I’m the fucking pope. What it should mean is that “The customer is king (to a point).” You know whos the king? The law. Workers have the right to tell customers to leave if they’re a threat yourself or the people around. They have the right to decline service if the customer has an aggressive attitude. That’s why I changed my perspective; from priorities, to policy. Because customers doesn’t know how to run my business. BUT I DO.

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