My taste in the culinary world: Sweet

I can’t believe that it’s almost my 3 year milestone at my workplace. It’s an incredible journey from being just a cook to an eatery team leader; teaching new people how to cook in the eatery, while working under my supervisor and manager. Let me show you guys how I got here from the beginning.

3 years ago, I was hired as a commissary cook from my previous manager. She thought I was a good fit since we went to the same culinary school. At first, I just wanted to take the job so I can not only maintain my skills in the industry, but to have some sort of income so I don’t have to leech off from my parents that often (that and I need to get out of the house. I spent the past month in my house doing nothing). What I didn’t know is that I was thrown in the deep end, doing non-stop cooking for my entire shift. From making thousands of liters of soups and chili, to hundreds on meatballs and lasagnas. It was fine at first but after a month, I start to feel the burnout and wondering the ways I can improve myself. My manager was happily to take me under her wing and help guide me. A year has passed and I improved significantly, however my time as a commissary cook was near the end.

When I got the news that they’re switching locations to the point I can no longer serve them, I was shocked. I asked my manager what to do. She told me I had two choices: To move with them or to wait until a better opportunity comes along. I had to choose the second option because I also had school at that time. So I left my workplace for school. Two months later, I got an email of a job posting. It’s at my workplace, but instead of the commissary, it’s in the eatery. When I arrive back there, it feels that I was welcomed back by my old coworkers. They know that I worked my living ass off in the past and that I can be trusted on coming back and help turn this place around. When I first got back, I saw my new manager and supervisor happy and relieved that I’m back because they needed help and they trust me of what I do.

Now, I’m an Eatery team leader, teaching new employees while learning from my manager and supervisor (which I sometimes call them as my mentors because they taught me so much). My manager, supervisor and I, have been to hell and back in the past. Commissary was a ton of work and a lot of pressure. Now, since that load is taken off of our backs, it is time to start a new chapter. Over the past year of not being in school, I’ve become of a leader and teacher for not only my co-workers, but to friends and clients outside of work. I can never imagine myself being here. Having this incredible job that pays well not only help build the company but to be a better person I am. A big thanks to everyone with the endless support and here’s to another year of amazing, great changes.

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