A Christmas Story (Taking Inventory)

It is the night before the holiday work marathon and less than a week before Christmas. I just finished my shower and only 12 hours until my next shift. A good time to take inventory. I went to the kitchen and basement, grabbing the supplies and tools I need for the next week. Knives, sharpening stone, honing steel, towels, extra uniforms, instant coffee, and Gatorade (lots of Gatorade).  I think that’s it. Into my knife bag, it goes.

I looked at my time sheet. More than 50 hours of work. That is slightly less than last year. It feels like I’m close to the end. Having that kind of feeling is a kind of freedom. Everyone not only just my workplace but the whole industry sense that the holiday season is almost here and the end is in sight. Overworked, tired, insufficient of resources, and maybe out of our minds. But at the end of the day, this is the one we chose out of all the vast array of jobs in the world. It’s a grueling, messy, and insane industry that we all know love and hate. We go forth to get dirty so that people can stay clean and glamorous for this holiday season. In return, we get a paycheck that can fund our Christmas shopping. Or maybe at least our bills (hopefully). 

To those who are not working in the food industry, just a friendly reminder to be kind to the people that are working in this grueling industry. At the end of the day, we’re not purposely screwing you over this holiday season. We’re doing our best to fulfill your needs to the best of our ability amidst all the shit that is happening back of the house. So please, be kind to us. No one likes a grinch. 

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